7 Treatments To Promote Hair Growth (& The Clinical Proof)

7 treatments to promote hair growth

Which is right for you?

Those suffering hair loss often try the first treatment that they come across or see advertised. For some, the treatment works and they recommend it to friends and family. However, for others, including those for who the treatment is recommended, it often ends in disappointment and/or some unwelcome side effects.

Why? The cause of hair loss can vary from person to person as does the stage of each individuals hair loss. Success depends on getting the right treatment appropriate to the stage and cause. Often success depends upon not one but the right combination of a number of different treatments.

At Trikos we select and combine from a full range of clinically proven and multi therapeutic treatments to create the best tailored individual programme to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

Many of our customers come to Trikos when they have been disappointed with treatment they have had elsewhere.

Here are the full range of 7 treatments that should always be considered before tackling hair loss:

1. Block DHT Topically

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is the enemy of hair growth. DHT is formed when testosterone is converted to DHT. The presence of DHT in hair follicles prevents hair growth.

This clinically proven treatment uses a solution containing natural elements and chemicals applied topically to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT. This prevents DHT from becoming attached to the hair follicle which is what makes hair shrivel and die.

With DHT blocked the hair follicle can grow into strong healthy hair.

This Treatment At Trikos

Our topical treatment contains 11 DHT blockers including saw palmetto (see below) a naturally occurring vitamin that helps block DHT and promote healthy hair.

Topical treatment means you get precise and accurate treatment of all affected areas of the scalp.

We further enhance for superior results by combining with our scalp cleansing treatment. This removes any build up of sebum which would otherwise prevent the topical treatment from penetrating the scalp to reach where it is needed to work.

What to expect:

With DHT blocked the hair follicle grows into strong healthy hair.

You can expect healthier hair root and thicker and cleaner healthier scalp in 6-12 months.

Visible regrowth is commonly seen within 3-6 months accompanied by the fantastic feeling that your hair is thickening up.

6-12 months full head of hair.

2. Oral – Block DHT Internally

Finasteride (brand name Propecia) is a prescribed tablet for men which has been clinically proven to block the conversion of Testosterone to DHT.

Side effects can include migraine, blurred vision and impotence.

Clinical Proof:

The study cited below produced visible results (growth or no further hair loss) in 99% of the participants.

Extract from FDA (Food and Drug Administration) report on the study:

Summary of Clinical Studies in Men Clinical studies were conducted in men aged 18 to 41 with mild to moderate degrees of androgenetic alopecia. All men treated with PROPECIA or placebo received a tar-based shampoo (Neutrogena T/Gel® Shampoo) during the first 2 years of the studies. Clinical improvement was seen as early as 3 months in the patients treated with PROPECIA and led to a net increase in scalp hair count and hair regrowth. In clinical studies for up to 5 years, treatment with PROPECIA slowed the further progression of hair loss observed in the placebo group. In general, the difference between treatment groups continued to increase throughout the 5 years of the studies.

Read the full report here

This Treatment At Trikos

No prescription required for our over the counter advanced alternative to Propecia ®. for men and women.

Without the side effects that can be associated with Propecia.

Our oral treatment grows hair to be stronger, fuller and thicker with significantly more DHT inhibitors than other products. So unique that it is patented.

What to expect :

Our oral formulation combines the best conditions for hair growth and regrowth with the best DHT fighting ingredients.

The best essential vitamins for healthy hair.

For men and women.

Used on it’s own improvement can occur after 3 months. Usually we combine with other treatments for better and faster results

3. Increase The Blood Flow to ‘wake up’ dormant hair follicles – Vasodilation with Minoxidil

This treatment uses chemicals that widen the blood vessels in the applied area. The previously restricted blood can then flow freely to the tissues that need it. Known as vasodilation.

In the case of hair loss this means that more blood reaches hair follicles that have previously been starved of blood flow and have become dormant.

This increased blood flow stimulates the hair follicles and wakes them up resulting in hair regrowth.

Minoxidil is the active ingredient in this treatment. Most minoxidil products contain 60%-70% alcohol which can cause irritation.

Clinical Proof

Here’s a clinical study showing how a minoxidil based product significantly increased hair growth.

This Treatment At Trikos

We use a specially formulated treatment that contains patented carrier solution to neutralise the alcohol thus avoiding the alcohol induced side effects.

We also includes Aloe Vera to soothe the scalp and combat dryness and Saw Palmetto, a natural DHT blocker (see below)

What to expect :

This is a great treatment for those with dormant hair follicles, especially if you have tried minoxidil products in the past with success but suffered some scalp irritation.

You will be delighted to find previously dormant hair follicles growing thick and strong.

Used in conjunction with our other treatments, hair growth in previously bald or thinning areas is commonly seen in just 6-12 weeks.

4. Increase The Blood Flow – Vasodilation without Minoxidil

In some cases, particularly individuals with low blood pressure, minoxidil products are unsuitable.

An alternative to minoxidil is Biotin a natural vitamin occurring in foods such as eggs, liver, pork and salmon. A biotin deficiency is often associated with hair loss.

Clinical Proof:

There is some preliminary evidence that hair loss can be reduced when biotin is taken by mouth in combination with zinc while a cream containing the chemical compound clobetasol propionate (Olux, Temovate) is applied to the skin.

This Treatment At Trikos

We are able to provide effective treatment when minoxidil is assessed as unsuitable.

Our minoxidil free, maximum growth therapy treatment contains a higher percentage of Biotin, a natural alternative to minoxidil, than other hair loss treatment products.

It also contains 11 DHT blockers and other vitamins which combine to stop hair loss.

Typically we combine with other treatments.

What to expect :

This is a great treatment for those who have low blood pressure.

When appropriate we include it as part of the Trikos hair regrowth treatment program tailored to your individual need.

Hair growth in previously bald or thinning areas can commonly be seen in 6-12 weeks.

5. Oral – Marine Complex

This treatment uses oral supplements which have been found to increase hair growth.

Oral treatments that contain an additional rich compound of marine extracts have shown to increase the number of hairs on the head.

Clinical Proof:

Oral treatment containing fish and marine extracts show an increase in hair growth of 35.7% in this clinical study.

This clinical study showed a significant increase in the number of hairs when women with thinning hair were treated as compared with women who were given a placebo.

This Treatment At Trikos

Our oral treatment contains a blend of marine extracts in combination with DHT blockers to stimulate healthy strong thick hair where the hair was once thin.

For men and women.

What to expect :

The best essential vitamins for healthy hair.

Our oral formulation combines the best conditions for hair growth and regrowth with the best DHT fighting ingredients.

Fuller, stronger hair in 6-12 weeks

6. Hair Vitamins

This treatment uses natural vitamins such as Saw Palmetto, a natural DHT blocker.

Clinical Proof:

Although there is less clinical evidence to support their effectiveness in fighting hair loss than other treatments, naturally occurring vitamins such as Saw Palmetto (Serenoa ripens) have been shown to improve the hair loss condition.

Here is one (small) study and another. Their inclusion in hair loss treatments help to block DHT as well as providing nutrients to promote healthy hair.

This Treatment At Trikos

We include natural vitamins to block DHT to stop and reverse hair loss in our oral, shampoo and conditioning treatments.

Our DHT blockers include more than double the amount of natural DHT blocker, Saw Palmetto, than most if not all other oral products.

Our complementary specially formulated DHT blocking shampoo contains nutrients to add moisture and shine to all hair types.

Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment is a unique conditioner that you apply to the scalp. It contains more nutrients necessary for hair health than any other product.

What to expect :

With vitamins and minerals added to your personalised Trikos treatment programme expect to see your previously dormant or thinning hair become thick with a beautiful luster and body.

7. Laser Treatment

Low Level light is delivered to the scalp through laser diodes.

Laser therapy helps in many ways including increasing protein growth and increasing blood flow to hair by 54%. This allows the hair follicles to restart their normal growth cycle.

Clinical Proof:

This study shows a 37% increase in hair growth in women. Concluding that it was a similar result as had been previously recorded with men.

These studies used 21 laser diodes.

This Treatment At Trikos

We use a combination of therapies including Laser Treatment and Hair Loss products that have been tested and proven to be safe, effective and successful in re-growing hair.

Our laser treatment uses 170 diodes in a new 5 panel design for maximum scalp coverage and maximum stimulation of hair growth.

We also user laser treatment to help those suffering from damaged hair, eczma, psorysis and healing scalp problems.

Great for those who have had hair implants.

What to expect :

When combined with our other treatments we have observed fantastic results.

Faster results are seen for those treated for dormant hair follicles which are stimulated into regrowth through the laser treatment.

First signs of regrowth can be seen as early as 6 weeks.

A 6 month programme usually results in hair restored to full thickness with improved health and condition.

So Which Will Be The Best Treatment To Restore My Hair?

The good news is that you don’t have to choose just one treatment. In fact at Trikos, unlike some other clinics, all seven treatments are available either individually or in combination in the form of a treatment programme that will be right for you.

The vital step is to get your own individual diagnosis and individual treatment programme.

To get the right diagnosis, to get the right treatment, take the next step and book a free no obligation consultation with Trikos.