My Hair Falls Out When I’m Stressed

image courtesy: Damian Gadal

Hair falls out 2-3 months after the stress event that caused it. So if you think your hair is falling out today because of a current or recent stressful event, think back further to 2-3 months to identify the real cause.

Neither men nor women are immune to the effect of stress on their hair. Seeing handfuls of hair fallen onto the bathroom floor is stressful in itself. So the vicious cycle continues.

3 steps to break the cycle:

1. What makes you stressed?

Make sure you identify the cause as hair loss continues until the source of the stress is rectified and the stress removed.

The cause can be an emotionally stressful event such as changes at work, family break up or bereavement but often it is a physiological change that is the cause such as pregnancy, injury or illness and weight gain or loss. The stress event can trigger pattern baldness and genetic hair loss.

2. Tackle your stress

Tackle the root of the stress then your hair will come back to it’s original condition. There are a few things that you can do to help it along which we will come to shortly.

However, sometimes the cause of stress is ongoing with no end in sight. In that situation I always refer customers to a trained counsellor or psychotherapist who will help get the stress under control.

Hair will continue to fall out until you find a way to de-stress. A professional will help.

Because I know the effect that stress could have on my hair, as well as my well-being, I have made sure to allow time to unwind & switch off. A glass of wine also helps.

3. Recover your hair

Your hair needs vitamins and nutrients in order to be healthy. It is even more important to provide these during the recovery phase post stress to restore your hair to its pre-stress condition or better.

Consider supplementing a healthy natural diet with vitamin enriched shampoo and conditioner. The one’s we use are HLCC Scripts Bio Therapy Shampoo and HLCC Scripts Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment. Most shampoos are harsh. This Bio Therapy Shampoo gently adds moisture. The Vitamin Plus Conditioner contains 25 vitamins and nutrients to recover your hair to it’s thicker, fuller condition with added shine. These are both available at our salon in Cleckheaton, Yorkshire.

Stress Recovery Treatment Programme

Our stress recovery treatment program also tackles DHT the enemy of hair growth. Particularly important if genetic or pattern baldness has been triggered under stress. Combine with laser therapy for the very best chance of success. Laser therapy creates the best conditions for hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicles by 54%.

We offer a free mini consultation service where you can find out more about the Stress Recovery Treatment Programme. We will help you to recover confidence in your hair. It can come back. We will help you.

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