About Us

Welcome To Trikos Hair Loss Clinic in Cleckheaton,

West Yorkshire.

We Are A Certified HLCC™ Hair Loss Clinic

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The Trikos youthful hair philosophy is all about high standard and quality. We are highly trained hair loss and hair replacement specialists skilled in all the treatments we provide.

Over 13 years personal experience in the hair industry from being a student, to becoming a lecturer and assessor, then a HLCC consultant. Constant personal development and training in the latest hair technology and techniques keeps us up to date with new scientific findings. Trikos believe in giving the best up to date service possible.

Our Hair Loss Clinic is based in Cleckheaton in West Yorkshire. We love to help clients who visit us from Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield and all over Yorkshire as well as further afield.

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Whatever the look and style that you are looking for, at Trikos we can provide it whether you have a full head of hair or none.

Hair replacement treatment is one solution to the problem of hair loss. Our thorough consultation process will find the best of our many solutions that will suit you and will give you the youthful hair that you deserve.

We guarantee that you will be very happy with the service and your hair style when you leave.

Call us on 01274 876944 for an appointment or contact us at enquiries@trikos.co.uk for more information on any hair loss concerns. We hope to meet you soon!