Myths & Truths


Myths and truths about hair

  1. Cutting or shaving hair will not affect the growth rate
  2. Regular shampooing does not contribute to hair loss in any way. Hair that falls out during and after shampooing is ready to come out
  3. Daily or twice daily shampooing is acceptable as long as the shampoo is formulated for daily use and contains no SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulphate)
  4. High frequency of shampooing does not contribute to excessive production of sebum in the sebaceous glands
  5. Hair loss is not caused by sebum build up. Oil does not block up hair follicles
  6. Men’s genetic hair loss can come from either parent and not just the father

Ref: Salinger, D Picture guide to scalp and hair problems 1997, IAT, South Australia, Freeline Press