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Hair Loss In women can have serious psychological affects

If you’re suffering from hair loss as a woman you will be experiencing a roller coaster of emotions, from how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you.

We are specialist HLCC™ Hair Loss Consultants and Trikos, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire is a Certified Hair Loss Control Clinic.

Because of this we are used to treating women like yourself whether you live in nearby Leeds and Bradford or the further reaches of Yorkshire, click here to take a look at our latest success for Yorkshire people.

Just because you are suffering from hair loss, it doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy life. Our laser hair loss treatments and hair replacement therapies are perfect antidotes to female hair loss.

Let us restore your hair and confidence.

See the treatments for women below and find out which one you think will be right for you.

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Hair Loss Treatments for Women

Laser Hair Loss Treatment or LHLT is an innovative treatment devised by HLCC™ to stimulate hair re-growth using low level laser therapy.

This treatment is non-invasive and relaxing. Take some time out of your hectic schedule to relax in one of our secluded treatment rooms.

Here at Trikos we use a combination of HLCC™ therapies including Laser Treatment and Hair Loss products that have been tested and proven to be safe, effective and successful in re-growing hair.

LHLT has been proven to both stop hair loss in it’s tracks and re-grow hair. Take a look at some of our success stories.

Our program helps hair follicles restart their normal growth cycle. Laser therapy helps in many ways including increasing protein growth and increasing blood flow to hair by 54%.

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Hair Replacement and Volumising System

Hair replacement is the quickest way to solve your hair loss problems.

Hair replacement is a process by which a newly made membrane is fitted with 100% human hair, matched specifically to your existing hair colour, density, direction of growth and and parting at the crown.

The newly made human hair will be implanted onto a tight membrane which is later attached to your scalp acting as a second layer of skin, giving the look of a natural full head of hair. The hair is customised to such a high standard that it is completely unnoticeable to other people. The customised hair is 100% human hair so is of the best condition you could want!

Hair replacement is a technique used by many celebrities that suffer from traction alopecia due the after effects of constant styling and extensions. Hair replacement is also used for cosmetic effect, giving you the appearance of fuller more luscious hair that is manageable and matched perfectly to your current hair.

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HLCC Innovative Hair Loss products

Click To Enlarge : We have a number of innovative hair loss products to use at home or to complement your treatment. They help with re-growth, thickening, health and shine.

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Thicker Fuller Spectacular Lashes

Thicker Fuller Spectacular Lashes

Our ‘Complete Lash Accellerator’ by HLCC™ is the best lash accelerator on the market today.

In just 6 weeks it improves the length, strength and density of your lashes leaving them fuller and thicker and sexier than before.

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