Hair Replacement

Hair loss is more common than you think and Non-Surgical Hair Replacement products are the quickest and easiest way of hiding the effects of hair loss and making a big difference to your life.

Hair replacement is a non-surgical procedure that restores your confidence as it restores the hair on your head.

Here is before and after pictures taken at our clinic in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire of a women that has had hair replacement. Just look at the results. No one would be able to tell it wasn’t her natural hair.

Kiyara at Trikos has given me back my life and boosted my confidence… I feel fantastic. Thank you.

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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement has been such a life changing experience for people from all over Yorkshire; from Bradford to Barnsley, Huddersfield to Hull, Skipton to Scunthorpe, Wetherby to Wakefield and all places in between.

We are so pleased to be part of their new lease of life.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement

Exact and realistic hair matching:

Non-surgical hair replacement procedure is not only realistic but is very manageable. By matching the clients existing hair characteristics to its specific colour match, density selection, direction of growth, hair wave and also matching the clients parting breaks and crown.

Get a full head of hair:

The newly made human hair will be implanted onto a tight membrane which is later attached to the clients scalp acting as a second layer of skin, giving the look of a natural full head of hair. The hair is customised to such a high standard that it is completely unnoticeable to other people. The customised hair is 100% human hair so is of the best condition you could want!

That looks natural:

By using a transparent polyurethane membrane, this allows the underlying scalp to be visible. This provides a natural look and appearance, especially at the crown and parting where the scalp is more visible.

With a perfect fit:

A mould or template of the clients scalp is made to create the membrane. This is to ensure an identical match of the shape of the area of scalp requiring hair replacement for the perfect fit! This means the membrane is comfy and sits properly on the head giving the effect of natural hair.

Just where you need it:

The customised hair template is made only in the area subject to hair loss so the patient can successfully restore crown thinning and in more advance cases enable the gradual restoration of a full head of hair, without it being noticeable to others.

Then get on with your normal life with confidence:

Modern non surgical hair replacement is done with a non-intrusive attachment. This enables the client to participate in their usual activities, including sport and water activities with comfort and confidence.

Disadvantages of hair replacement

• The membrane does wear out over a period of time, as you would expect, this means it will need to be replaced regularly to maintain the desired look. It can also require specialist care products to ‘get the most’ out of the hair
• For ongoing maintenance of the hair such as needing a hair cut you must return to the hair specialist to have the membrane removed and your exisiting hair trimmed. The hair in the membrane may also need to be restructured to compensate for any changes.
• The non-surgical hair replacement must not be viewed as a ‘one off’ as you will need to keep on top of the maintenance requirements, therefore additional costs.

Advantages of hair replacement

  • The area affected by hair loss is gone and no longer visible; instead a ‘new scalp’ is attached to give the look of a natural full head of hair, completely matching the hair you previously had
  • The hair membrane is designed to feel and look like your own hair, so styling at home is as easy as before. You can wear the hair however your want, it will not effect the results
  • Your existing hair is beginning to grow and you will notice a difference once the membrane is removed for maintenance..

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