Pregnant And Losing My Hair!

Caring for your hair during pregnancy

During pregnancy your body undergoes many changes including hair loss for a lot of Mums to be. They describe their hair as awful and a nightmare.

Distressing as this can be, your hair can recover. The stress of seeing your hair fall out can make things worse. Try not to stress – replace the stress with confidence that it will come back.

During pregnancy you can use gentle vitamin enriched shampoos and conditioners like the HLCC Scripts Bio Therapy Shampoo and HLCC Scripts Vitamin Plus Conditioning Treatment that we use at the salon here in Cleckheaton in Yorkshire. These will help take the best care of your hair during pregnancy and help recovery to start once you have had your baby.

image courtesy: Christina Souza

Hair Loss after Pregnancy

Sometimes sudden hair loss occurs a short time after your baby is born.

You may have noticed your hair being thicker and fuller during pregnancy. High hormone levels provided extra nutrients which prevented the normal cycle where hair enters the resting phase before falling out.

Now those hormone levels drop and hair that would have previously fallen out as part of the natural cycle of hair growth now falls out all at once.

Post Pregnancy Hair Care

Continue using the vitamin enriched shampoo and conditioner and consider adding other vitamin based oral products and laser therapy. These will help recovery and speed up the process.

Avoid products containing minoxidil and while breast feeding avoid laser therapy.

Post Pregnancy Hair Recovery Treatment Program

Our treatment program for full hair recovery post pregnancy is tailored to what will work best for you.

This could include MGT (maximum growth therapy) a topical treatment containing natural alternatives to minoxidil that provide protein-builders and nutrients to the hair follicle.

Our Oral without prescription treatment provides additional hair restoring ingredients.

Laser therapy creates the best conditions for hair growth by stimulating up to 54% additional blood flow to the scalp.

To find out more and how you can end the nightmare and take control of your hair again talk to us. Book a free mini consultation today. Your hair can come back. We are here to help.