Why Is Regaine Not Working For Me? (Could It Work For Me?)

Many men with hair loss try to rectify the problem alone. This involves using over the counter treatments such as Regaine.

Some men have success with Regaine, others do not.

You may be considering Regaine and wondering if it will work for your hair loss or you may already be a user and wondering why Regaine is not working for you when it works for others. You may be left wondering if Regaine is any good?

Why Regaine works for some but not others

There are 7 clinically proven ways of promoting hair growth to treat hair loss, each one can be successful, but only when matched with the right diagnosis.

A bandage might be perfectly fine for treating a sprained ankle but is not going to be much help for a broken one.

Regaine can be an effective treatment in two of those eight ways but that leaves another six potentially more suitable ways.

Hair loss is caused by different factors, the correct treatment depends on these factors.

To treat your hair loss successfully we need to answer two questions :

  1. what are the factors that are causing your hair loss?
  2. which is going to be the best way to treat those factors for you?

Once we know that then you will know if Regaine is an effective treatment and likely to work for you or if you will be better served by other treatments.

Because Regaine is a well known product that is available over the counter it is used by a large number of men covering the full range of factors, therefore it will work for some of those where the factors match up but not those where it does not.

Use of Regaine as a stand-alone hairloss treatment

Regaine contains a chemical formulation called Minoxodil; this was originally used to treat high blood pressure. In many cases it was found that it’s application stimulated hair growth and in some cases regrowth. The prospect of using it to treat those suffering hair loss became a very attractive one.

Regaine treats hair loss by using Minoxidil to reduce blood pressure which increases blood flow to the area applied.

For this to work, the key factor required is the presence of living hair follicles in the applied area. The hair can be thin or completely lacking but there must be living, albeit dormant hair follicles present. This is typically the case in the very early stages of hair loss. The increased blood flow in the affected area can then stimulate hair growth.

The results of a clinical trial for the Regaine For Men Extra Strength Foam product was published in 2010.

The following extract from the trial results shows that over a 16 week period, compared to a Placebo Foam, a significant difference in hair growth resulted throughout the Regaine Foam Treatment.

Regaine clinical trial results chart

Read the full clinical trial report here

The underlying cause of the most common form of hair loss (genetic hairloss aka androgenetic alopecia) is the presence of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Used alone, Regaine does not block DHT, nor does it contain vitamins or nutrients that healthy hair needs.

However, when the factors are right Minoxidil in Regaine products used alone can and has been shown to stimulate growth and regrowth for those in the very early stages of hair loss.

Some Regaine users report side effects that include mild or moderate headaches, itchiness, dry scalp and rashes. Regaine is a mix of minoxidil and alcohol. It tends to be the alcohol content that is the cause of these side effects. Of the Regaine and ex-Regaine users that we see at our hair clinic it is quite common to have experienced one or more of these side effects.

So back to the original question; why is Regaine not working for me? The answer will be that it is not the right or best treatment for the factors that are causing your hair loss and/or you are beyond the very early stages of hair loss.

What Can I do?

Firstly, do not despair, if Regaine is not working for you. There is still plenty of hope. However, time is of the essence when it comes to treating hair loss.

The longer hair is left without the correct treatment the more difficult it is to get the correct treatment to work.

If you use Regaine when it’s not the best treatment for you, then you could be using up valuable treatment time and of course, your money.

The key to treating your hair loss is to successfully diagnose the factors that are causing it. Then to treat it with the correct one of the 7 clinically proven ways which may include Regaine or it may not. Our treatments cover all eight.

At the Trikos hair clinic in Cleckheaton we use products that are not available over the counter.

Far more effective results without the alcohol induced side effects are achieved when we use hair loss treatment products which have twice the minoxidil content of the original Regaine solution. A patented carrier solution is used to neutralise the alcohol thus avoiding the alcohol induced side effects. We also includes Aloe Vera to soothe the scalp and combat dryness and Saw Palmetto, a natural DHT blocker.

We combine this with vitamins and nutrients that healthy hair needs and other DHT blockers to treat the underlying cause. This allows previously dormant hair to grow thick and strong.

To further stimulate this regrowth, we may combine products with Laser treatment, depending upon the individual circumstances. Laser treatment has shown to increase blood flow by 54% which kicks dormant hair into life.

Stimulating hair growth by increasing blood flow in the affected area AND treating the underlying cause DHT, results in thick, lasting, healthy hair.

Our results show that it is a combination of minoxidil products, DHT blockers and other treatments such as Laser hair growth treatment and multi therapeutic treatment that result in the best and most successful hair restoration.

How to successfully diagnose the factors that are causing your hair loss.

We recommend getting advice for your own personal situation before spending money on Regaine.

A simple conversation with us can set you on the best path to restore your hair. If Regaine is a good option for you then that is what we will tell you. If not then you save money and importantly save up to 16 weeks of the wrong treatment.

We offer two forms of consultation. One completely free and can be over the phone or at our clinic in Yorkshire. You will get our best and completely honest advice, guaranteed. The other is a more in depth consultation using our state of the art microscope and costs £50, however, you get this back if you proceed with treatment or if not we will give you £50 worth of hair products so you can’t lose out.

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