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Hair Loss Specialist - KiyaraI’m so glad you have decided to take action to stop hair loss and regrow your hair.

I just need to get a couple of details from you using the form below so we can start with the all important consultation where I’ll explain everything.

Or for an even faster start give me a call now on 01274 876944

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What's The Difference?

Free Mini Consultation – I’m concerned, what can I do?

Let us ease your anxieties with expert advice.

We can usually diagnose a problem over the phone so just call us.

Or you can arrange a visit to the salon where we’ll do a visual inspection for you.

You’ll get our advice on what to do about it.

Cost – £Free (we love helping people)

Full Consultation (45 mins) – Give me back my youth.

If there are living dormant hair follicles (usually the case for genetic hair loss) then the good news is that there is a more than 99% chance of restoration.

Our wonderful state of the art microscope enables us to pinpoint any dormant hairs, determine the condition and the health of your hair. We’ll explain exactly what is causing your hair loss.

Following the microscopic inspection we’ll know exactly the best way to stimulate those dormant hairs into growth.

We’ll set up a treatment programme just for you, that will restore your hair to give you back your youth.

We suggest you make an appointment now – Hair loss can only be remedied if treated early enough.

Cost – £50 (get this back if you proceed with treatment otherwise get it back with £50 worth of hair products – either way you can’t lose out!)

 Free Mini Consultation over the phone Free Mini Consultation at the salon Full Consultation (£50 - I'll get this back in treatment or hair products so I can't lose out)

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